HanaHeart (hanaheart) wrote in lotr_mpreg,

Looking for a fic again....

Hi, It's me again and I'm looking for a fic.
This fic consists of two parts. the first part has no mpreg but the sequel does.
It's Elladan/Legolas and Elrond/Thranduil fic. (both lords and their sons have the same tastes!!!!!) anyhow, in the first part, elladan visits Mirkwood and falls in love with Legolas, much to legolas' overprotective brother's displeasure. he physically attacks Elladan (I think he hurts legolas as well) resulting in Elladan killing him at the end. and thus being banished from all the elven kingdoms.
In the sequel, Elladan is in exile and Legolas follows him. They settle in a small cottage and Legolas with the help of Gandalf (using a potion) gets preg. Thranduil who is in a relationship with Elrond also drinks the potion and gets preg. But the angry spirit of legolas' brother attacks Legolas and he miscarried. Then Elladan goes to fight the spirit of the brother resulting in him getting into a coma.
Can anyone tell me where can I find this fic or at least its title or the name of the author, please????
Thank you
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