HanaHeart (hanaheart) wrote in lotr_mpreg,

Looking for two LOTR Mpreg fics

well, the first fic is consist of several drabbles of Legolas and Aragorn. one of them, i recall, is legolas being pregnant during the Helm's deep's battle and Aragorn trying to prevent him from fighting. another is Aragorn being angry at Legola because Legolas was hidding the fact that he's pregnant, the man knew when he visited Rivendell and twins teased him about being a father. another was legolas praying to the gods to grant him and aragorn a happy life with their child.

the second fic is multi-chapters fic, set during the fellowship. legolas is pregnant with aragorn's child but didn't tell aragorn. when the man falls and presumed dead, legolas miscarries. he continued to hide the news from aragorn.but then the fellowship discovered what happened to legolas when the elf fainted due to blood loss.

can anyone help me, please?
thank you
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