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Hello *waves shyly*

Hi. I'm the new kid on the block. I've been at the Merry mpreg for a while and I have three chapters of a Pippin/Merry story if y'all are interested. I'll just post chapter one, see what y'all think, mkay?

Title: Junsui Ai
Author: Bells
Fandom: Does that mean Merry mpreg? Or what? I don't know...
Pairing: Pippin/Merry duh!
Rating: Well this first chapter will probably be either PG-13 or R, since there's some *clears throat loudly* things going on
Summary: An unexpected miracle happens at the most unexpected time, causing stress, pain, and stretch marks (it's better than it sounds, I promise)
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, the movies, the books, the actors, or this wonderful community. I don't even own myself.
Warnings: Well, lemony stuff in this chapter, bloody things much later, and morning sickness. Mild humor sprinkled throughout because I'm in a humorous mood, and much angst.

Well, here we go. Read and comment please!

~The forest of Lothlorien~

Pippin Took awoke in the wee hours of the morning with a terrible migraine and an urgent need to relieve himself. Dark dreams of flames, Balrogs, falling wizards, and tumbling through the darkness had kept him from getting a good night's sleep, and he yawned as he stumbled through the partial darkness as he looked for a good place to attend to his needs.

When he had finished and was heading back to his bedroll for what he hoped to be some good rest, he heard someone softly crying nearby, from behind a tree. Cautiously the young Took slowed down and, on silent hobbit feet, crept to the tree and peeked around it.

He saw none other than his dear cousin and best friend, Merry Brandybuck, curled up, weeping. Harsh sobs wracked his small frame, and golden curls were mussed and tousled from Merry's long fingers continuously running through them. Pippin's heart shattered at the sight of his strong, independent cousin so broken, so lost.

Hurriedly Pip rushed over to his cousin, taking Merry into his arms, soothing him gently. Merry looked up at him with tired, broken dark blue eyes, and at the look in them Pippin's heart broke even further, and he clung to his cousin for dear life. They sobbed and comforted each other for what seemed like hours, until Merry had gone quiet, laying there on the soft grass with his dearest friend.

He looked sat up and looked down at his cousin, still lying there. Pip cocked an eyebrow and sat up as well, looking into Merry's eyes. There was something that his cousin wanted to tell him, but he wouldn't come out with it.

Pippin murmured softly, "What is the matter, Merry? You've never acted like this before."

Merry cast his eyes down at Pippin's hands, laying in his lap, "I...I just can't believe it. He's gone."

The Took nodded in sympathy and said, "I know. It's hard on all of us. And yet..."

He placed his hand under his cousin's chin, gently forcing his face up to meet his eyes, "There's something else bothering you. Won't you tell me what it is?"

Merry stared into Pippin's green eyes, his own blue grey eyes swirling with intense emotions. "I don't know if I can tell you. May I show you?"

Pip nodded, and Merry gently took his friend's hand and laced their fingers. He leaned in and pressed his lips against the Took's, just a whisper at first, and then stronger. Pippin's eyes widened, and he quickly kissed back, and gently brought his free hand to cup his cousin's cheek.

When they drew apart from the kiss, Pippin licked his swollen lips. 'Sunshine. He tastes like sunshine and strawberries,' he thought, and gently, slowly, and with great care, leaned Merry back and proceeded to unbutton his waistcoat, then his shirt, and then his trousers, all the while kissing and nuzzling him.

Merry moaned and while Pippin was fumbling with his own buttons, he took the time to shower the newly revealed creamy skin with kisses, rewarded with moaning and a nip at his ear, which Pip recently learned he enjoyed.

Once both of the hobbits were fully undressed and displayed for all their glory, they could hardly take their eyes off of each other. Merry toyed with the curls at the nape of Pippin's neck as the Took kissed his neck.

Dominating, Pip took his time and started at the top with Merry's pointed ears, licking, biting, and kissing. He gently and slowly, teasingly slow, began to work his way down his love's body, leaving no body part neglected.

And as the two lovers began perhaps the most passionate and beautiful love making session in all of creation, the stars above sang and danced. Fireworks seemed to explode all around them, and creation reeled for a brief moment as they reached their climax, and then steadied again as Pippin came inside Merry.

Sweatsoaked, the two hobbits stared at each other, now bonded in an all new way. The chirping of birds in a nearby tree snapped Pippin out of his reverie, and they both sat up and began to dress themselves.

There would be no time for sleeping now, as their companions were beginning to rise. Quickly they began their morning ritual of greeting Sam and Frodo, cooking breakfast, and shooting secret glances at each other, pretending that nothing had happened, when they knew better.

And all the while, the babe now resting in Merry's belly waited for its moment to shine. After all, it was a Brandytook.

For, in the woods of Lothlorien, anything is possible if you want it enough.

~End Chapter One~

I've NEVER written a scene like that, and I believe I did rather well. Let me tell you though, it is VERY hard to write things like that with two males, since they're both "he". I hope you didn't get too confused. Please comment with your opinions, what you liked, disliked, and such. The next chapter shall be up very soon hopefully!

Lemme know what y'all think.
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