Mandaturi (mandaturi) wrote in lotr_mpreg,

looking for an Elrond/Legolas Mpreg (?) fic


Sorry for the bothering. I'm looking for a Fic and have posted this query on lotrips_finders. gingerale2u suggested that I could try my luck here as well:)

I think the Pairing was Elrond/Legolas, and it's a short story, maybe one-shot.

Legolas was married to Elrond and got sick (from pregnancy as I remember, but I'm not so sure about this part). and Legolas thought Elrond didn't love him, for Elrond spent little time taking care of him or talking to him, much less than a servant. The only thing Elrond did for Legolas seemed to be prescribing some medicine and urging him to take them daily. Acturally, Legolas was only getting worse, partly from grief, I think.

But one day, Legolas found Elrond, who thought Legolas's sleeping, crying and murmuring that he's sorry, that he had tried everything (he means medicines) but still could not get Legolas better.

That's all I remember.

Thanks in advance for any help!!.
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